Nintendo 3DS Capture Board Ordering

Shipping times are an estimate, not guaranteed.
International shipments: buyer is responsible for paying any extra customs / VAT fees.
Board installation usually takes a day or two. If it's going to take unusually long I'll let you know.
Includes a 6 ft. Micro USB cable.

** Europe and Australia customers: Capture boards are also sold here -

Capture board installation
Please check back later. More info.

Send in your 3DS (any region), I'll install the board for you.

After paying, send the 3DS to be modified here:

Neal Tew
5442 S 900 E
Suite 244
Salt Lake City, UT 84117

Please include some note so I know who it's from (a PayPal receipt would be great, or at least a name / email address).
3DS with capture board
A new 3DS (US region, DOES NOT play EUR / JP games) in its original box with capture board installed.

SORRY, NOT AVAILABLE. The original model 3DS is no longer in production and new systems are becoming difficult to find. Premodded systems will be offered again once XL / 2DS capture boards are available. Until then, you can find a 3DS online somewhere (Amazon, GameStop, etc) and have it shipped to me directly if you don't have one. Please give me a tracking number or some way for me to identify your 3DS.
3DS controller mod
For 3DS / XL / 2DS (not New 3DS).
3DS controller mod allows a 3DS to be played using SNES / PS1 / PS2 / N64 / GameCube / Wii Classic controllers, also emulating a Circle Pad Pro.
More information here, here, here. Instruction page is a work in progress, check back later for updates.

For self-installation only! Not for novice users! Technical skills and soldering experience required!

Board and 6-pin header are included. Other items are needed for installation (screwdriver, solder, wires, soldering iron, cutting tools, controller extension cord).